Online casino bonus

When playing in online casinos, you are offered a lot of bonuses. It is important to know all the details about the bonus before you decide to accept it. Different casinos have different rules, but the information below is all you have to know about bonuses without getting into the specific rules of each casino.

The speech bonus is something offered in almost every online casino. Definitely useful, allowing you to bet more for a bigger victory, and extend time playing on your deposit. The welcome bonus is usually the biggest bonus you will get from the casino, although sometimes they will offer some bonuses, or a sustainable bonus as a welcome gift.

Examples will offer a 200% deposit bonus without limits for the first week. That means that every deposit made during your first week in the casino will be given a 200% bonus. Deposit $ 100 and get $ 200, give you $ 300 to play. If you lose it, or cash, you can deposit again and receive the same award.

Sometimes the bonus is ‘sticky’, meaning that it cannot be cashed with your victory, and there is also a maximum amount allowed to be discarded. This usually occurs without a deposit bonus, while the deposit bonus is usually cashed and does not have a maximum withdrawal limit.

Examples will offer $ 60 free chips (or “no bonus deposit”) that comes with betting requirements (explained below) and maximum cash of $ 300. It is usually a ‘sticky’ bonus, so if you complete betting requirements and have more From $ 360, request a $ 360 withdrawal to get maximum $ 300 cash (because the $ 60 bonus is removed during withdrawal).

Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the bonus before you decide to play with a bonus. In this way you know exactly what specific bonus conditions and betting requirements, because they are different from the casino to the casino.

Most of the advertised casino bonuses are to play games slots, although many casinos also offer bonuses for card games and tables, or allow games in all games with certain conditions. It’s important if you take a bonus slot, that you don’t play limited games (such as blackjack and roulette are usually limited) or you can lose victory. That’s why it’s important to read the terms and conditions of the bonus at the casino.

Bonuses almost always come with betting requirements (WR) which usually prevent you from withdrawing until you bet in a certain amount of money. For this reason, some people decide not to play with a bonus. You can play without a bonus by not redeeming the coupon before deposit, or if you automatically you can ask customer service (through direct chat or email) to stop the bonus to be applied to your deposit.

Most bonuses on Microgaming Casino have WR of Bonus X (certain multipliers, usually 30x). When you bet, bonus loans are transferred to your cash balance, but you still have to complete the full WR before it can be interesting.

Most bonuses at PlayTech and Real Timegaming casinos have magic + bonus x (certain multipliers, usually 20-30x). I don’t really like this WR system because it throws a deposit to the equation.

For comparisons between the two systems, we will use an example of $ 100 deposits with a 100% bonus in ‘Mg Casino’ (Microgaming) and ‘RTG Casino’ (RealTimegaming). In ‘Mg Casino’, WR will be $ 100×30 = $ 3000. On ‘RTG Casino’, WR will be $ 100 + $ 100 x 20 = $ 4000. That’s a difference, and consider that the 20% is almost the lowest offered in real activeging casinos , usually 25x or even 30x.

Bets come from placing bets on the casino game. Various types of games are weighed differently in terms of bets, namely if you are allowed to play other types of games with a bonus. If you can play all games on bonuses, blackjack and roulette for example are usually weighted much lower than slots, and some games are not taken into account at all. Slot.